Devfest Lille 2021 Kinepolis Lomme

2020 edition is canceled and rescheduled to June 11th 2021

Code of Conduct

This text is an abridged version of the " Code of Conduct Policy".

GDG Lille is proud to be an inclusive community, respectful of the diversity. This implies we won't tolerate any innapropriate behaviour during our meetings like:

  • jokes about or insult to gender, sexuality, religion, race, nationalty or morphology;
  • display or distribute images of pornographic sort;
  • touch somebody without consent,
  • or to harass anyone.

These sort of behaviour will force us to exclude anyone from our event.

Also, if anyone behaves with you in an innapropriate way, please contact our staff immediately and we will take the necessary measures.

We want our event to be joyfull and friendly; help us keep it this way.